Small Business Online Development Strategies

Taking your business online

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Strategy Session Includes

Online business analysis

  • Social Media analysis
  • Customer/ Client user experience
  • Market exposure
  • Google ranking analysis

Establishing online value offering

  • Understand market offering and focus
  • Identify and describe unique “ pull card”

Online Vision, Mission, values

  • Align with current Vision, Mission
  • Differentiate online and offline Mission, Vision

Integration of online into existing business

  • Effective integration of current business strategies for online

Online strategic development clarification

  • Outlining and implementing online strategy

Identifying your online target market

Online supply chain/distribution strategies

  • Supply chain development and refining
  • Partner and supplier sourcing


Digital marketing strategies and tools

  • Analysis of current online tools
  • Recommendations and implementation strategies

Effective online communication

  • Current channel analysis
  • Recommendations and implementation strategies

Customer communication and support

  • Effective customer support development

Online product/ service efficiency development

  • Product development
  • Service development

B2B and direct to market strategy development

  • Identifying different market strategies

Scouting, testing and scaling of products and services

Client satisfaction analysis and development

  • Current process analysis
  • Client satisfaction development

Competitor analysis

Market approach feasibility

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