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Content writing Terms & Conditions of Use

  1. DEPOSIT: 50% of the complete project fee is due upon accepting the quote. The work will only commence once the initial deposit has been paid. The deposit is non-refundable once the work had begun even if the project is cancelled.
  2. LATE FEES: If payment is not received in full be the due date of the invoice, Polkadot Digital will charge a percentage late fee per piece of content for every week the invoice is outstanding.
  3. PRIORITY WORK: A fee will be added to the total project cost for priority content pieces or if the work must be completed within 24 hours. If this timeframe falls over a weekend or public holiday the priority fee will be increased.
  4. DRAFTS: Each client receives two drafts followed by the final version. If you require more content changes after the second revision an hourly charge will be added to the cost total. The final copy will be sent once final payment has been made.
  5. CHANGES: Changes or additions to the drafts must be mentioned by the client within 14 days of receiving the draft. We will adhere to your changes and comments as best as possible and do all we can to get in touch with you within the 14 days.
  6. CONTENT WRITING: All content written by Polkadot Digital remains as our intellectual property until the final payment is made in full and then becomes the property of the client. Due to this, Polkadot Digital takes no responsibility for content that is changed after the final payment has been received as it is now the clients’ property. All copies/drafts of the content will be sent in Word format and clients are able to make any changes they wish once they have received the final copy.
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