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google adwords training

Are you running your AdWords in house? We offer full Google AdWords training following Google’s best practices. We also offer outsourced management solutions. Running your own Google AdWords campaigns can be very time consuming and costly, especially if it is not run correctly. We can train you on how to run them better to avoid you wasting money and make sure you on track.

We will cover the following in the Google AdWords training:

  What are the different advertising options on Google (Search, Display, Youtube)

  How to set up your campaign to Google best practices

  How to set up conversion tracking so you can see your true ROI

  Googles advanced targeting features

  How to set up Ad Extensions

  How to write the perfect ad copy

  The best way to select your keywords

  How to increase your quality scores and drop your costs

  Tips on how to optimise the campaign

Google ads


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