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video creation

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We create understandable explainer videos that will share a clear and concise message with your users. Whether you are sharing info on a specific service or product offering, explainer videos are used to provide accurate and reliable information to your users.

Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard video

Whiteboard video animation is a fun, interactive video that consists of drawing illustrations to share info on any topic, product or service. It is a firm favourite amongst many businesses, sharing info through animations and text, keeping the attention of many users.

Logo Animation

Logo animation

Whether you wish to share your existing logo in a fun way, or introduce the change of your new logo, our logo animation video service is just what you need! Get your users excited about the change with an animated video that you all are sure to love!

Vector Animation

Vector animation

We create vector art animation videos to present your brand in a fun way. This type of video is liked by many businesses as using animated 2D characters are fun, relatable and concise in its message.

Typography Video

Typography videos

If animated objects and drawings are not what you fancy, or you feel it doesn’t represent your accurately enough, perhaps you may like a typography video instead. This type of video is an array of words in different fonts and text, sharing a message in a clear, legible way.

Promotion Videos

Promotion Videos

Share any specials or promotions that you may have in a video format rather than an image or plain text. Our promotion videos can be short gifs, snippet videos or longer slideshow video, sharing your promotion with your audience in a way they will love.

video process

Video Brief

Video Brief

Design Brief from client entailing video concept, use, platform, and the overall aim of video.



Script document with any text that needs to appear, language, grammar, spelling and tone.



Rough draft of video slides with design look and feel, images to be used, clips to be included.



Lights, camera, action!

Represent your brand in a more unique way through different types of video animations that you will love.

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Arrowhead Logo Animation

Cresco Whiteboard video

Acacia Brand Video

Box Boutique Tiktok video

Ahmed Live Action

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