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Consistent blog posts, optimised security, updated website themes and plug-ins, as well as working contact forms are crucial. This is where we step in with our monthly website maintenance and support services! Our monthly website retainer ensures that your website stays fresh and runs smoothly without having you break the bank.

Building your website is only one step. Like a house or car, a website needs to be maintained regularly to ensure it runs optimally. Yes, website maintenance entails fixing errors that occur, but it also ensures that your visual branding is always kept up to date. Keeping your website up and running while also remaining active is vital, especially if you’re an e-commerce business that relies on your website for sales. We’ll ensure all software are updated and functioning optimally to avoid your website going down unexpectedly.

By ensuring you have a secure, responsive, reliable website, your SEO increases, ultimately ranking you above your competitor on Google!

The benefits of our maintenance retainer:

Save money. Our hourly rate for website changes outside of a retainer is higher. We’d also have to charge a minimum hourly fee, whereas all individual hours are tracked on a retainer.

Minimise downtime of your website.

Secure your website.

Bug- and error-free.

SEO is regularly updated.

Fresh content aimed at improving user experience and SEO.

Receive a monthly report on your website stats.

Prevents the loss of data with regular backups (if you are hosting with us). Manual backups are available on request.

We focus on developing custom features that make you stand out from the competition. We ensure the website is easy to navigate creating a seamless experience for your customers – and it looks great too!

Included in our maintenance hours:

Seeing whether your website’s pages load quickly and without any problems.

Creating a backup of your website’s data to ensure that it’s safe.

Updating site software and plugins.

Examining all forms on your website to ensure that they are working.

Deleting spam comments from website posts and pages.

Ensuring that there aren’t any broken links on the pages.

Investigating your website for 404 errors and resolving them.

Updating your blog regularly to keep your audience interested and returning.

Maintaining control over your web hosts and ensuring that everything is running efficiently.

Reviewing website speed.

Conducting security checks.

Assessing website analytics.

Upgrading appearance.

Improving user experience.

Providing technical support.

Why website maintenance is important

Your website is the face of your business and is probably the first thing a potential customer will look for. This is because your website should include what they are looking for: relevant information and industry expertise. Therefore website maintenance is crucial; regular content revision will make your website engaging, all the while maintaining visitors and high search rankings.

Are you interested? Do you want to know more? Complete our contact form below and we will get back to you with the different packages on offer.

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