WEBSITE MAINTENANCE Terms & Conditions of Use

The following terms and conditions apply to all website maintenance services provided by Polkadot Digital to the Client.

  1. All clients enter into a website maintenance contract a 3 month period. Thereafter clients may terminate this agreement at any time with 30 days written notice.
  2. Website maintenance consists of the following items:
    – Updates on websites (WordPress, Plugins & Themes)
    – Updates on copy/text, pricing and images
    – Updating blog posts
    – Adding new products and categories
    – Removing copy/text and images
    – Adding new pages on your existing website
  3. Hours that have not been used will roll over to the following month. All hours that have not been used in the month cannot be exchanged for cash.
  4. The following items are not included in the maintenance package:
    – Adding a shop/e-commerce functionality to an existing website
    – Adding paid plugins
    – Any high-level development
  5. If your hours have finished during the month, you are able to use hours in your next month. However, you may only do this for one consecutive month.
    If you do not wish to use the following month’s hours, an additional fee of R400 ex VAT per hour will be charged.
  6. If you have logins to the website and the website breaks, you may be charged an additional fee depending on the severity issue
  7. Maintenance does not mean “eyes on the website” all the time and issues on the website will still need to be reported.
  8. Development issues may be charged separately depending on the level of fault.
  9. All clients on maintenance will need to provide FTP and cPanel details as Polkadot Digital will need run updates on the backend.
  10. A client who is not hosting with us, acknowledges that Polkadot Digital will not be held responsible for server issues, e.g: “down time”
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