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WEBSITE MAINTENANCE Terms & Conditions of Use

The following terms and conditions apply to all website maintenance services provided by Polkadot Digital to the Client.

  • By making payment towards the monthly retainer, you agree to the terms and conditions that apply.
  • The retainer fee is an upfront payment and no work can begin until this is paid for.
  • All clients enter into a website maintenance contract a 3-month period. Thereafter clients may terminate this agreement at any time with 30 days written notice.
  • Website maintenance consists of the following items but not limited to:
    • Updates on websites (WordPress, Plugins & Themes)
    • Updates on copy/text, pricing and images
    • Updating blog posts
    • Adding new products and categories
    • Removing copy/text and images
    • Adding new pages on your existing website
  • Hours that have not been used will roll over to the following month. Hours do not roll over for more than 1 month. All hours that have not been used in the month cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The following items are not included in the maintenance package: – Adding a shop/e-commerce functionality to an existing website – Adding paid plugins – Any high-level development
    • – Hosting related issues such as site transfers
    • Site breakage caused by a third party
  • If your hours have finished during the month, you are able to use hours in your next month. However, you may only do this for one consecutive month. If you do not wish to use the following month’s hours, an additional fee of R500 ex VAT per hour will be charged.
  • If the Client has logins to the website and the website goes down, crashes, develops errors of any sort due to work/ changed made by anyone other than Polkadot Digital, you may be charged an additional fee depending on the severity issue
  • Maintenance does not mean “eyes on the website” all the time and issues on the website will still need to be reported.
  • Development issues may be charged separately depending on the level of fault.
  • All clients on maintenance will need to provide FTP and cPanel details as Polkadot Digital will need run updates on the backend.
  • A client who is not hosting with us, acknowledges that Polkadot Digital will not be held responsible for server issues, e.g.: “down time”
  • Please note, if you are NOT hosting with us, the client needs to request us to generate and store a manual backup of the website. If the client is hosting with us, we store a backup for a maximum of two weeks before being replaced with the latest incremental version. If no manual backup was requested Polkadot Digital cannot be held liable for loss of data.

SLA Agreement

Business Hours

  • Polkadot Digital operates between 08H30 and 17H00 Monday to Friday. Polkadot Digital agrees to be available during these hours for work required.
  • These times exclude Public Holidays, office closures over the festive session and any and all delays due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Polkadot Digital commits to responding to client communication within 03hrs of initial communication being sent.
  • This communication is not a commitment to the completion of requested work but rather that client communication has been received and a deadline for completion of work will be provided.
  • These communications are subject to closures, public holidays, weekends, any and all delays due to unforeseen circumstances

Out of Business Hours

  • These hours are from 17H01 till 8H29 Monday to Friday, all weekends, public holidays and closure over the festive season
  • • Polkadot Digital commits to being available at all times for urgent work required. This urgent work must be requested with notice and the Clients understanding that any timeframe cannot be guaranteed.
  • Urgent work is defined as the following
    • Site maintenance
    • Errors
    • Crashes
    • Downtime
  • All other work forms park of either maintenance or development and shall be quoted/completed during normal business hours
  • Polkadot Digital may charge for all out of business hours work at a rate of R1000 ex VAT per hour under the following circumstances
  • Errors, crashes, downtime, maintenance due to any work carried out on the site by other parties/companies without prior notice
  • Errors, crashes, downtime, maintenance due to any work carried out on the site by other parties/companies advised against/alternative options provided by Polkadot Digital
  • Maintenance work urgently required due to client delay during normal business hours
  • All out of business hours charges will be communicated upfront with the client and must be agreed to prior to work taking place.

Completion of work

Polkadot Digital commits to providing reasonable timeframes for all work requested. This includes but is not limited to – development work, maintenance, digital strategy development and implementation.


Should Polkadot Digital experience any delays /errors whilst completing work requested, any adjustments to the timeframe will be communicated well in advance with full details as to the delay.
Should the Client request any amendments, changes, require more time, delay the work/material owed to Polkadot Digital. Polkadot Digital will not be held to the original deadline as this will be extended. Any commitment to initial deadlines with delays from the client need to be discussed and agreed to.

External influences/parties’ access

Polkadot Digital will not be held responsible for any errors, changes, crashes, delays due to other parties’ work completed on a website.
All work completed by additional parties must be communicated to Polkadot Digital well in advance in order to ensure no changes are made to the site which results in a negative impact on the site.

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