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Pinterest has been an up-and-coming social media app for a while now and is a marketer’s gold mine if only one bothers to check. Pinterest made a name for itself as a DIY hub and scrapbook-styled life guide, so for any business selling products even remotely related to the projects that Pinterest users look at then this app is the place to advertise.

The biggest difference between advertising on Pinterest compared to other social media apps like Facebook or Twitter is that these users are actively engaging and appreciating the advertisements. Users are on Pinterest to look for inspiration and motivation, that often comes paired with expenditure as they require items detailed in the posts and ideas they’re looking at. Soon, a Pinterest board becomes strikingly similar to a shopping list and if your business can capitalise on that screen time there’s no stopping the growth available.

Proportionally, Pinterest drives 200% more traffic to shopping sites than twitter. The reasoning behind some businesses holding back on Pinterest shopping ads is because the app simply hasn’t amassed the same following as some of its counterparts like Instagram. But Pinterest’s digital reach doesn’t stop at its own app, although it has an average 250 million viewers monthly, any Google image search is highly likely to contain images and boards from Pinterest. Advertising on this platform means your images will go far further than only the app itself.  

People have been underestimating Pinterest’s capability as an advertising vessel for far too long. Purely it’s ability to directly target customers looking for specific products should’ve put it onto everyone’s radar ages ago, but it’s limited audience made many marketers wary of advertising through the app. Yet 83% of weekly users purchase products based on the brands and items they find on Pinterest. So maybe, it’s time to get your business on board the new frontier of advertising. With Polkadot Digital we can make not only the transition a lot easier but help with a multitude of other digital marketing services.

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