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Search Engine Optimization can go ways in helping your business find new clientele and appear to a wider audience; reliable customers who are looking specifically for businesses like yours. However, it needs a steady and reliable stream of effort if you want to keep its impact on the positive side. SEO requires constant attention and updating through creation of new content, addition of different links and updating information. All of which can seem unnecessarily time consuming and in some corporations it often appears like an expense that can be spared by turning SEO on and off. This is highly detrimental to the flow of your digital marketing, though not everyone sees the direct effects.

Aside from the virtual traffic that you now drop away from when stopping SEO, there are many technical aspects that fall out of place as well. Everything requires maintenance even in this modern age of AI, ignoring your websites’ maintenance is guaranteed to cost you more than just time further down the road. Ignoring your own SEO opens a door for your competitors to place negative SEO within your own site, and nowadays it’s harder than ever to properly get rid of negative attention especially in the virtual landscape. So maybe, putting in the effort and maintaining your SEO is worth it after all.

For those of you whose businesses really can’t sacrifice the time and energy to maintain reliable SEO and content creation, Polkadot Digital provides SEO packages with qualified personnel and is Google partner certified so you can trust that you and your SEO are in safe, reliable hands.

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