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Any business with a digital platform knows how difficult it is to navigate the virtual space. On platforms like Google there are literally hundreds of other businesses’ similar to yours. In physical spaces the key to getting consumers to lean towards your brand is showing why you’re different to every other player in your field. In digital spaces, this is still important but what’s more vital is getting your business to stand out by being at the top of the list.

Google Ads is the prime tool for your business in this regard. Using this allows you to showcase your business not only on Google but on its incredibly vast advertising network. It’s an amazing piece of technology, but when people hear that they also tend to hear ‘expensive’ whispered in the back of their minds. This is entirely false when it comes to Google AdWords; you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

AdWords is a way for you to personalise your interaction with viewers and potential customers. You choose keywords related to your business, when a potential customer searches that keyword it triggers your ad to be displayed. Only if the viewer clicks on your ad are you charged for using AdWords, clicking on the ad will redirect them to your website and viola; lead generation made easy. It’s the easiest and most productive way of building your brand online

The costs involved in AdWords, though it’s directly related to the amount of customers sent to your website not just those who search your keywords, can get rather technical. The cost-per-click method is also tailored to your budget, you can specify the exact amount you’re willing to pay every time a viewer clicks on your ad. The higher your bid on a keyword the higher up your ad will be displayed when that keyword is searched. And needless to say, choosing only one keyword can be incredibly detrimental, the wider your keyword base the wider of an audience you’ll reach. There’s a lot of variables revolving around not just how viewers react to AdWords but in financial terms, it’s a more complicated budget than many are used to doing, so let Polkadot Digital take the technicalities off your plate. Just like Google AdWords, we provide our customers with options to suit their budget and business. Whether you’d like to run your own Google AdWords campaign or would prefer to outsource it, we offer both training services to enable you to DIY your digital marketing and Google Ads so you can leave your precious keywords in the hands of Google certified partners.

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