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The world seems to turn on its head each time President Cyril Ramaphosa gives an announcement. Now on nationwide lockdown, South African business’s of all sizes and industries are left not quite knowing what to do. Having your staff working remotely can leave a bit of unease in the mind of business owners, will they work as efficiently and effectively? Will services be up to standards and will products continue to move? And if you’re self-employed the worries about income are plentiful.

These are turbulent times to say the least. Yet, we can take advantage of this moment as well. Can you count how many times you’ve said ‘I just want more time at home/more time with family/a moment to think.’ Definite proof to be careful what we wish for.

In all this turmoil, it would be wise to take a moment to reconcile your digital marketing strategy. As a small business or self-employed individual you finally have the time to take care of the little things to truly make your business a success. If you don’t yet have a digital footprint now is the time to take care of the admin of getting your business online. Or, if you already have your main business up and running but have been dying to get some headway on a side hustle there’s no better time to start it.  

During this time of crisis, customers want to know which brands and companies are with them for the long run. By increasing your digital marketing schemes you’re far more likely to reach people from the comfort, and confines, of their own homes. Just getting your name into the mind of consumers is quite frankly the most that many business’s can do during this time. So, we encourage everyone to take a moment during this quarantine and focus on aspects of their business’s that may have fallen prey to the hustle and bustle of normal society. Odds are the customers that are seeing your marketing during this time will try contact you once the three weeks are over, building a whole new clientele for you to reach as soon as the lockdown fades.  

The time users spend on social media is likely going to sky-rocket now, so why not make sure your social media pages are well kept and up to date? Show consumers that you’re in the same situation they are, through this mutual connection we can all lend a hand to our friendly neighbourhood entrepreneur.

Understandably a lot of business’s are changing the way they do things momentarily, keep your clientele informed with website banners. While we’re not sure what’s going to happen socially right now, let your customers know what’s happening with your business right now. Not only giving them peace of mind but building trust as we surf through this wave of panic.

Blog posting is another area where people constantly say ‘I would if only I had time’ well now you have three weeks of nothing but time. Take the opportunity to jump start or update your business blog, giving your thoughts and perspectives as a business can help show your readers what leadership initiatives you’re taking. In these blogs you can put in all the long-term information that simply won’t fit on a banner. Keeping your customers, and staff, fully informed and giving just a little more guidance during this time of crisis.

At Polkadot Digital we want you to know we understand the fears and worries you may have both as an individual and a business. Which is why we are announcing Lockdown specials. Now is the time to give your business that online persona! Keep an eye on our social media pages to find out more, or email to see how we can help your business effectively during this time.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

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