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As a business, there’s so many different variables and options to consider whenever a decision is made. Whether it’s taking on a new employee or transferring onto a different processing system, everything needs to be thought over and thought through to find all the snags in the plan.

This can easily become a ‘rock and hard place’ scenario when it comes to marketing. Often good and solid marketing plans are quick to show themselves and even quicker to go. Techniques such as social media marketing are incredibly beneficial to keeping the business relevant but because of this and the platform used, if your business creates posts five months ahead to be prepared odds are it will end up being completely irrelevant and insensitive by the time it gets posted. For many, the upkeep of social media platforms for their business is enough to turn them away from even attempting this strategy, at Polkadot Digital we know how trying it is to run a business but we also know why social media marketing is possibly the best marketing decision you could make.

Social media marketing increases your company’s visibility as well as brand awareness. Getting a constant stream of posts not only connects you to current and future customers but builds an immediate trust with any viewer. It shows the consistency your brand has and the effort you put into even the smallest of details.

Having a website without a social media strategy is like having a wallet with no money to put inside. Simply being on the internet is not enough anymore due to the sheer variety and incredible numbers of other companies doing the same thing. What will make your business stand out, what will make it different in the eyes of potential customers, is your social media pages and content. Putting out constant content will put you on the customers’ good side, but if someone finds the content to be false or if it’s created badly all the good ideas they had about you simply fall down the drain. It’s sometimes difficult to remember that this is still a strategy, it requires well thought-out initiatives and factual output.

Social media marketing is also incredibly cost-effective when compared to other marketing strategies. Almost every platform that you can create your company’s social media pages on, is free. The costs that are included are also optional; getting a content writer, boosting posts, using Google AdWords, all of these are technically ‘additional’ to your marketing plan. It has to be said though that all these ‘extras’ have been created for a reason. If you want your strategy to work optimally you have to optimise your strategy. It’s a big decision, especially for companies that have spanned generations. Moving into the digital landscape comes with many unknowns, but rather than going through the “trial-and-error” method of determining your marketing strategy, come speak to us. Here at Polkadot Digital we know every company is different. Every business has different goals, specific markets and ideals that you want to get across. We understand that, but furthermore we understand how to do it. Digital marketing is our specialty, so leave the digital landscape to us so you can focus on the important decisions in running your business.

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