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‘Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.’

We’ve heard this saying so many times, but only now can we truly appreciate what it means. Working from home, without the constant interaction of a formal workplace, we’ve learnt to how actually push ourselves by ourselves. The social isolation has taken a toll on every individual and has impacted every business across the country. Now, as businesses start reopening, we mustn’t forget to keep pushing because we aren’t out of the woods just yet.  Reopening your business is a lengthy and uncertain process that begins long before your doors will open. Ensuring that your business lands on its feet starts with good preparation, and if you’ve got no clue where to start we’re here to lend a hand:

Review your cost-cutting.

Many businesses started their ‘pandemic panicking’ by cutting costs everywhere, the first step in reopening is knowing which of these cuts to bring back. If you cut back your workforce, will you need extra hands now? And if so, how many? Keep in mind that the aim of the game right now is to reopen with as little cost as possible so you might begin as a smaller entity than when lockdown began. Don’t worry, as business gets better you can start growing back to your pre-Covid size.  

Research your suppliers.

If your business is product related, research which ingredients or appliances will and won’t be allowed on different levels. Doing this avoids disappointment if you’re unable to get your customers the quality and quantity they expect from you. Also understand that supply chains have been heavily affected so you’ll need to account for how long they’ll take to restart.   

Revisit your business model.

Many companies did this at the beginning of lockdown, but relook at your business model now, keeping in mind everything you’ve learnt and how your customers have changed during the global pandemic. Everyone has told us that life won’t be the same. Now is the time to prepare for the ‘new normal’ instead of trying to go back to what worked before. 

Support to in order to be supported.

Locality is key. Going back into business means you’re depending on the people around you. Being in lockdown for so long has shown every South African how important we are to each other, show your community that you’re all in this together by giving the support you’d like to get from them.

Communication is crucial.

These times are confusing, letting your employees know the exact precautions and processes you’ll be putting in place can make a world of difference. Furthermore, letting your customers know exactly what’s happening offers them the reassurance that life will get back to normal, and when it does you’ll be there for them.

And finally; make marketing matter.

No matter how many fool-proof procedures, strategies and precautions you put in place, if you open your business without doing any prior marketing, you’re bound to take a dive. Throughout this lockdown people have been relying on the digital landscape to keep in contact with the outside world. Advertising here means you can guarantee a client base for when you open, albeit a smaller base than before lockdown but rather open your doors to five people than to no one at all.

The fact of the matter is, there’s no roadmap, no checklist and no fool-proof plan we can give you. Our world is facing an entirely new frontier and while nothing seems certain, we can all rest assured that humanity will rise again. Businesses will start, the economy will grow, life will continue, and Polkadot Digital will be there to help you through it.

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