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Your business has amazing offerings, your marketing strategy is light years ahead of competitors and your audience is interacting fantastically, so why is none of this converting into sales?

You’re probably lacking purpose.

Every brand aims to fill a gap in the market and do it better than their competitors, but alongside this your brand needs a purpose. A straightforward, sincere reason for being created which has to come directly from you as the entrepreneur or business owner.  Thinking of your brands purpose takes you out of the tunnel-vision many entrepreneurs end up stuck in; thinking only of your ideas and how they can succeed. Your purpose takes your vision into a far wider spectrum, incorporating everyone around you including those that aren’t even your customers.

Having a purposeful brand not only gives your ideas a much higher sense of worth but also gives your employees, and customers, a reason to believe in you. With entrepreneurship on the rise, people are tired of hearing the same speech about how your brand can do it better, faster and cheaper than every other organisation, your audience needs to hear something more in order to be totally convinced. To stand out, your business needs to advocate for more than just its offerings.

This can be the vital ingredient in your marketing mix that turns your digital interactions into real sales. Telling your audience the ‘why’ behind your organisation gives them a sneak peak into what type of relationship and service they can expect should they choose to invest in you instead of your competitors. With that in mind, a generic and skin-deep purpose is going to be immediately picked up on and left in the dust as customers go on to choose a more sincere organisation.

Creating your purpose requires some soul searching on your part as the business owner but can be relatively easy if you know what you’re searching for. Every entrepreneur begins with an idea that they believe can change the world. Your organisations’ purpose is simply why you wanted to change the world in that manner in the first place! No two ideas are the same, so no two purposes will be either.

For example, Polkadot Digital was created to help build and grow other small and medium sized businesses by providing excellent services and doing what we love!  

Ultimately, a purposeful brand creates trust between you and your audience, a trust that can take your organisation from just breaking-even to breaking out above the rest. However, if you need a hand conveying your purpose, and your digital marketing, in the best possible light contact us at Polkadot Digital to see our purpose come to life.

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