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While 2020 hasn’t been the most profitable year for businesses, the final 2 months can be the tipping point that changes everything. Now that majority of industries are back to full capacity, consumers are slowly getting back their spending power and are undoubtedly saving it for the upcoming holiday season. Capitalising on this time of year can be the saving grace your small business needs to start 2021 on a good note. However, if your marketing is not up to par with industry standards then the festive season could also be the final nail in the coffin.

Black Friday, the first business boom of the holiday season, is undoubtedly the most profitable day of the year, but businesses stand to lose far more than they gain if they aren’t correctly marketing their products.

It’s all good and well to opt for the ‘suspenseful’ marketing strategies during the month of November and only reveal your discounted prices and promotions on Black Friday, however, if your brand isn’t incredibly well-known outside of your usual customer base then it’s a strategy that’s set up to fail. Black Friday is the one day of the year when most consumers are willing to shop anywhere, from large franchise stores to boutique pop-up shops, but if they don’t know that your business will be offering the best discount before the time then chances of them getting to your store online or in-person is miniscule.

The best marketing strategy for start-up or small businesses is loud and proud! Pull out as many marketing tricks as you can. Catchy and memorable sales or promotion names increases the chances that someone sees your ad once at the beginning of the month and still remembers to go to your store on the big day. Use your email marketing as much as possible, sending out weekly mailers gives you a chance to showcase all of your different products and specials. Acting earlier than your competitors also gives you the chance of moving more stock, some larger brands do this by having a Black November, offering customers the amazing specials that Black Friday is known for throughout the month.

Every consumer looking to buy bulk or save big knows that Black Friday is the day to do it. Yet, Black Friday has also gained a reputation for being one of the most violent and chaotic days to go into physical stores, because of this more and more consumers are looking to e-commerce and online shopping as their alternative. This way of shopping opens the holiday to people who were previously unable to take part due to other commitments such as work. However, the increased amount of traffic during a single day also means that if there are any glitches or problems in your digital set up, they will be magnified throughout the day and could result in your website or app crashing.

Your customer base is ready to get the best products, savings and specials from your business this Black Friday, the only thing standing in your way is your marketing strategy! Let Polkadot Digital help you set your business up for success this Black Friday!

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