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In previous years, the thought of paying for a service that you could do yourself was absurd. While many people still have this mindset, now that certain aspects of business are so technical and specialised, it’s often necessary to enlist different agencies to help your business be the success it was meant to be.

Creating and building your own business is a full-time job, so trying to become an expert in all the fields that play a part in daily business operations is impossible.  Simply managing your brand and dealing with the clientele you already have can be overwhelming for a one-man army, never mind finding new leads, driving sales and getting overall momentum. So, when it comes to the nitty gritty aspects that you aren’t sure of, it’s best to rather trust the trained experts instead of playing with trial and error until you get it right on your own.

Nowadays it’s not uncommon to find businesses, and even individuals, using paid media and leaving their social media management, content and development to digital agencies. Content creation and digital strategy is a time-consuming process that requires expertise in creative writing and graphic design in order to make a good post, however, in the digital age, a good post is simply not enough. Lead generation ads, page likes campaigns, remarketing, search and display campaigns and boosting posts all help to optimise your potential reach with every interaction you have online. However, there’s a lot of ways that each of these specialised digital tools can go incredibly wrong, resulting in a wasted budget, low or no new leads and creating bad or misleading content that can ruin the trust your current customers have in you.

After the advent of Covid-19 and the national lockdown it’s no surprise that digital advertising has rocketed above the more traditional marketing methods. Partnering with a digital agency now means you can ride the last few waves of this anomaly in advertising and quickly get traction on your new digital campaigns. It’s important to communicate openly with your agency as the more clearly you communicate the style, look and feel you want for your business the more likely you are to get exactly that. Helping your agencies learn your business also means every interaction service they have with your customers is going to be far more unique and succinct with your business and personal brand.

Personal branding is also a very important concept for individuals looking to make an impact in their respective communities and industry. When it comes to helping your agency come up with content in line with your personal voice, sharing articles, videos or general things of interest to you can go a long way in making your social media as true to you as possible without having to put in all the work yourself!

Regardless if it’s for your personal brand or business identity, the biggest advantage of using an agency is having them manage your social customer service. In this digital age, customer service is almost entirely digital and requires immediate response. Whether it’s replying to messages and comments or dealing with disgruntled customers leaving bad reviews on your social media pages, the responsibility of digital customer service in itself is a full workload, so why not outsource it to the experts?

At Polkadot Digital we pride ourselves on being ethical, affordable and providing expert digital services, from social customer service to content creation. Leave your digital endeavours to the 2020 Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Sandton and talk to us today!

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