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Spring is the ideal season to relook at your digital marketing. If you want to start anew and delete everything you’ve previously done, you can now do it in the name of Spring cleaning. If you’ve been looking to rebrand or change the type of design elements you use, do it in this season of change. Now is the time to get the fresh start you have been waiting for all Winter long.

One of the reasons Spring is such an ideal time to focus on your marketing strategies is because your audience now has the same ‘let’s get moving’ mindset that you are in. The new warmth and bloom of Spring has an affect on every individual watching the seasons change, which means if there’s ever a time you’re more likely to branch out into a wider customer base, it’s now. However, even if you aren’t in the mood to drastically reconstruct your digital space, now is the best time to make some simple content changes and take advantage of this beautiful season.


After a long and dreary Winter, everyone looks forward to the bright and energetic atmosphere of Spring. Using colours and exciting language is going to entice your customers now more than ever. Spring is also a time of revival and renewal, use this to encourage potential customers to try something new through your business.

Clean Up

In the spirit of Spring cleaning, pay attention to your past marketing content and all of your digital platforms including your website. Ensure your rankings are still where you want them and clear out any virtual clutter that could be deterring potential consumers.

Talk About The Weather

This isn’t the usual marketing content you’ll find but that’s what will make your business more interesting. The skies are blue, the flowers are blooming and nature looks alive again, so why not mention it? People are more enthusiastic when it comes to planning and executing ideas when the Spring sun is shining, don’t let this point of connection go to waste.

Cute Sells

It’s hard not to think about all the new adorable baby animals that suddenly appear every Spring. Incorporating the cute factor of Spring into your graphic and visual elements, especially if majority of your digital interactions happen on platforms such as Instagram, is going to draw a lot of positive attention to your brand. However, this is not for every industry, few people will associate construction companies with baby birds but a furniture manufacturer with a range of plush pillows will definitely see great results, because cute really does sell.

Be Real

While some believe it’s easy to fool people online into thinking that every product they see is the best that’s ever been made, but everyone has a gut instinct that they listen to more than anything else. In this season of new beginnings, show your customers and potential clientele that your organisation is and always will be the most genuine option for fantastic service and value for money products. If you’re Spring cleaning your digital footprint and don’t like what you see then contact us at Polkadot Digital to lend a hand! As digital marketing specialists, we know exactly which tips and tricks will give your business the best Spring season yet!

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